We’re Expecting Twins!

Take advantage of our due date by ordering early.

Ron Terranova’s Personal Exorcism, The Red Wing Chronicles, and M.R. Koch’s Halfway to Impossible will be out on Sept 10th.


Max Orbach is teetering recklessly between the two opposing forces of his unfulfilled wife, Caroline, and his troubled best friend, Sam, who obsessively pursues a mysterious woman in New Orleans.The nonlinear story bounces around within the first two decades of the 21st century, as the protagonist struggles to understand his place in the changing professional and social landscape of the early 2000s. Meanwhile, major hurricanes (Sandy in New York, Katrina in New Orleans) seem to randomly shape the course of his life.





Dark, cynical, surreal and sardonically funny, The Red Wing Chronicles is a unique hybrid of a book. Narrated from the point of view of a man sinking into the abyss as he reflects upon his traumatic life and a childhood of sickness and abuse, while haunted by the ghost of a sadistic father. Dark memories are unleashed, and questions and reflections abound regarding the fragile, illusory nature of memory, the tenuousness of sanity, the hypocrisy of authority and the subjectivity of morality. Part memoir, part philosophical rant in a stream of consciousness frenzy, this is the story of one man’s tightrope walk between madness and memory while wearing and being guided by the greatest pair of shoes ever cobbled.



Mother’s Day Already?

It’s not too late! Order with Prime Shipping and get it in time, or simply buy her a digital copy from one of our great authors.

We’ve been recommending our women authors for Mother’s Day,

But take a look at all of our books!

How Are You?

Hello readers and writers,

How are you doing in these trying times?

We’re opening a new call for submissions. We’ve received a request to do this and thought it was a great idea. Allow readers and writers a voice in this pandemic. Mostly, we’re looking for journal type of entries, although we’ll look at what you send us. We’re considering shorter works.

It will be published in Delphinium online.

Check out the first entry here under Current Topics. 

Send us your journal entries, your pandemic diaries, an email to your mom, poems, postcard fiction, flash non fiction, photographs, or art. We want to hear your voice, see through your eyes.

We wish you well. Stay safe.


During this time…

We hope you all are staying well and staying calm.

ReadLips Press is lowering the prices of as many books as we can.  Also, we’d like to offer some audiobooks free.

Please check out our Amazon page: 


We are able to offer some codes for free audiobooks, please email us at readlipspress at gmail with the title of the book you want to receive.

Happy March

With the dawn of a new month, how about some giveaways? Keep watching and reading! REaDLIPS will give away some audiobooks, some autographed copies, some swag!

February Friday Reads

The Lone Escapist (1st Illustration) - Copy - Copy

EnjoyThe Lone Escapist for your Friday Read – on sale this weekend!

February Friday Reads

This weekend, in honor of Valentine’s Day as well as Friday Reads, you can find Noreen Lace’s Eddy and Psychic Surprise Party on sale as well as Ron Terranova’s I, Polyphemus.


Next Week – The Lone Escapist!

February Friday Reads

Ladies and gentlemen,

As promised, we are celebrating Fridays in February with discounted reads!

This week – grab yourself some Appalachian Alchemy on Kindle for the low price of 2.99!


AND… Yes… there’s more.

Find Last Night In Granada, reviewed by Kirkus, for the same price of 2.99 on Kindle!

From Kirkus: A surreal performance that’s worth a read, particularly as a reflection of a historically important time and place.

granada cover


For Valentine’s Day, we will have Noreen Lace and Ron Terranova’s books!

Black Friday – Freebies!

We have (free) audiobooks!

New audiobooks available from ReadLips are as follows (and can be yours for free!)


First – review one of our books on Amazon.

Second – copy and paste that review on our facebook page.

Third – tell us which book you’d like to hear on audio.


The first twenty people to do this between Black Friday 11/29 and Sunday 12/1 – midnight will receive a code to use at audible!


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