REaDLips Press is currently accepting novella length works of fiction, creative nonfiction/memoir, and poetry.

Novella length is considered between twenty thousand and sixty thousand words. In some cases, we will consider pieces outside this range.

While we define our publications as “literary fiction,” we also feel the definition is fluid. And, we like experimental texts.

Submissions should be double spaced, Times New Roman or similar, and paginated. The text should be free of errors and be your best possible edited version.  The author should include any acknowledgements, dedications, or other information necessary for publication.

The writing should be beautiful.

We consider publishing with REaDlips a partnership. We believe writers aren’t paid enough; therefore, we our authors receive 40%.

Send your synopsis and bio to ReadLips Press @  (No spaces, of course, but we have to try to outsmart those darned bots.)