appalachian alc1“Marshall Merrick, called Book, is just another poor kid living on the unforgiving shores of the Kentucky River, born to a legacy of violence and raised to sacrifice his ambitions on the altar of his Appalachian pride. But his lust for knowledge and a dangerous love fuel his hope for something more, a life far from the river and its poison. It’s this hope, slim as a shadow and unrelenting as the summer sun, that leads him into waters more treacherous than he has ever braved, and a choice that threatens to drown everything he loves.”




Namas-Cray June 2017           Delphinium July 2017        Here in the Silence 2016



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West End follows the life of a young woman from childhood to early adulthood in a declining area.Enclosed by a darkness that permeates her inner and outer landscape, the narrator experiences recurrent losses. Unable to handle the melancholia that overtakes her, she feels her only choice is to “escape the madness.”

West End is available at Amazon and other retail markets.

Noreen Lace is a writer living in Southern California. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous journals. This is her first novella.

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