REaDLips Press specializes in the Novella. A palatable text for the modern age.  Our modern era is busy, fast moving. The novella is the contemporary art form. A 40-60 thousand word fully formed, digestible piece of literature for a society consumed by a lack of time!

The goal of REaDLips, as a publisher entering a centuries old tradition and a brimming marketplace, is to offer opportunities for writers of all ages who share our enthusiasm for the art. We want to give voice to to those writers of the elegant novella form. 

First, we approach the novella, the 20-60 thousand word text. At this time in our history, the novella should be idealized. It is an art form of it’s very own, illustrating the economy of space and words. It meets the needs of our reading public, compact yet brilliant.

REaDLips Press desires to seek out and publish the very best in this art form.

As well, many publishing houses and literary journals are looking for new, “young” writers. We are deluged with “prizes for new writers,” “awards for younger writers;” Doesn’t life experience count for anything? It should, and this is the place that it will.

Our literary journal, Delphinium, which will start accepting submissions in June 2016, will ask for writers who are living their second life, so to speak, their next chapter, their second bloom. Often times, as humans, we don’t find our stride until later in life. After children have grown, spouses have left, we’ve come out, or changed our lives in some significant and/or controversial way, whether by choice or fate’s hand.

Think of Delphinium – a flower, that once cut, with care and nurturing, can bloom again.

We are looking for good writing. But we will give the life-lived author first crack for the planned bi-annual journal. Think – substantive life experience.