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Noreen Lace’s book of short stories, bound to win her some awards, is How to Throw a Psychic a Surprise Party. The book of fiction takes the reader to the metaphysical realm and back again. A little bit of reality, a touch of spirituality, and some questions we all need to read.

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The Lone Escapist – Finalist!

Congrats to Dan Rhys for the publication of The Lone Escapist.

A 2018 Semi-finalist for the CIBA ‘Clue Awards’. An award for mystery suspense and thriller novels!

“When college English professor Bob Kelton finds his students murdered in the classroom, he realizes that the only evidence proving the identity of the killer also proves that Kelton violated school policy by being away from his class when the killings occurred. Kelton now must decide to either reveal the evidence and lose his career or hide it and risk his life to catch the murderer himself. The result is a roller coaster of events, including romance, loss, forgiveness–and even a thrilling showdown–that profoundly change Kelton’s life forever.”

Available on Amazon! and Kindle.

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New Release!

Our summer releases are on their way – the first of which is Dan Rhys’s The Lone Escapist will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

Coming Soon!

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Call for Submissions

You are aware of our Lit Mag, Delphinium. This is our annual call for submissions! Please spread the word.



Check out previous issues of Delphinium on Amazon.

Friday Reads

Hello, all!

Every Friday, for the foreseeable future, ReadLips Press will feature one of the books from their catalogue by placing the book on sale.

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Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays, readers and writers.

We’ve been busy, as usual, feeling like the tortoise in the race with the rabbit – slow and steady, attempting to bring readers beautiful prose wrapped in lovely covers.

The rabbit does get distracted, and the tortoise does stay focused, however long the race may take.

Today, we bring you, not so much a mammal or a reptile, but a cyclops. Remember the characters of mythology who usually got the bad rap, playing second fiddle in someone else’s story?

May we present to you, I, Polyphemus. The first person narrative of the cyclops. He has a story to tell – and you’re going to want to hear it!

This holiday, read I, Polyphemus. Ron Terranova’s tale of myth and legend.

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Accepting Submissions – Horror


Ever stay at an Airbnb or a hotel and gotten a little freaked out? If your imagination is wilder than your actual experiences and you’ve written a tidy little tale to scare the pants off your friends – submit it to us.

Jack is putting together a horror anthology inspired by a stay in an Airbnb, bnb, or a hotel. Fiction: 5000-10000 words. Authors will share in the profits. Submit to readlipspress at gmail by Sept 1. The subject should read “horror” or “attn: Jack.”

More Info: Authors receive one free copy. Publication will be in October – print and ebook.

Need even more info: Email Jack.

New Releases

Ladies and gentlemen,

Rebecca Brooke who works with ReadLips in Poetic Petal Press designs the books of Poetry. Her experiences with Known as Ash’s Fire and Ash and Bozena Zawickz Neither Innocent or Guilty have produced beautiful results!

firenashcover     neitherinnocentfrontcover

On our end, Eddy, by Noreen Lace has been featured at the Poe Museum. Eddy is a eddy posterfictional account of an actual event in Poe’s life, and as an expert, she delivered a sensitive and intimate portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe experiencing the results of a Laudanum overdose.





Our Summer Release of Delphinium is a touching compilation of international poets and delphinium summer 2018writers. We are very fortunate to have such a vast array of artists submitting. Keep it up, loves.






Our new release is Chris Pellizzari’s Last Night in Granada! We are excited about this book. I, personally, want to run off to Spain for a little romance!

granada cover

Keep Reading. Keep Writing. Keep going!

Delphinium is on Sale!


Ladies and gentlemen, Our beautiful winter edition of Delphinium is on sale for the next few weeks.  Get a copy of this lovely journal filled with art, poetry, and fiction in hard copy for only 6.99 or on Kindle for a mere 2.99.  Remember these prices will increase for the New Year. This is a holiday sale – please share with family and friends. All profits go to support recovery programs.

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