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Kiss My Book!


We were waylaid in getting things up and running, but we’ve been very busy the last few months getting ready for our readers and authors.

We have TWITTER , FACEBOOK,  and Instagram!

We have a new release! Expect the release of Life of Clouds in Nov/Dec 2016


We are working with to set up an account to handle submissions!

We have new contracts with audible and distributors for wider availability.

See – we haven’t been sitting on our bums!

Welcome to REaDLips Press

REaDLips Press specializes in the Novella. A palatable text for the modern age.  Our modern era is busy, fast moving. The novella is the contemporary art form. A 20-60 thousand word fully formed, digestible piece of literature for a society consumed by a lack of time!

Imagine – READING again!

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