August 2021

Don’t Avert Your Eyes!

“There have been times when I’m actually afraid to avert my eyes from my Red Wings. For when I do there is not just disorientation but in fact disintegration of losing identity and not knowing who or where I am…”

Ron Terranova’s stream of consciousness personal exorcism must be one of the best memoirs we’ve collectively read. It’s raw, emotional, nonlinear, like the true spirit of memory, jerking us here and there and bringing us to the worst times and we have to fight our way out to remember the good times, the best times, tiny little snippets clasped from a life of abuse.

Dropping September 10th. Pre-orders will be available this week.

Bookish Swag

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Need a Little Mystery to Round Out Your Summer?

The Cavern is a short story in Ron Terranova’s October Twilight. Along with stories of the spooky and ironic are horror and mystery. Here’s a sneak peak:

A Peek at The Lone Escapist

The Lone Escapist is a story about a teacher’s guilt. He’d been out of the classroom when tragedy struck. Here’s a sneak peak at Dan Rhys’ story.

Sneak Peek

This week, we’re giving you a sneak peek inside some of our titles.

Told in first person, but from a group not directly involved, Mirror People has earned kudos from readers.

The story of a family, two sisters, who are nearly torn apart. This is second story in How to Throw a Psychic a Surprise Party:

Marnie’s got all kinds of secrets, which just might endanger her sister Jewel.

Risque Reads

Back for a limited time is Valerie Cooper’s The Kiss. How complicated is it to love one person but lust for another?

Valerie Cooper

There’s all kind of risks in this world. Trusting your long lost sister shouldn’t be one of them. Hold on to your husbands, girls! The Gold Tooth!

Noreen Lace

On the Softer Side

We need something light, something lovely and beautiful.

New by Nicolette Elzie is BabyDoll. Get wrapped in BabyDoll’s journey in this book of connected poetry.

Nicolette Elzie

Grandma’s Last Secret is a tender story of a granddaughter who crosses the country at her Grandmother’s behest to grant her dying wish.

Noreen Lace

Hot Summer Reads to Keep you Cool

Have you looked at our catalogue lately? Whatever you’re interested in reading, we have!

Looking for some fantastic writing featuring love, heartbreak, tossed with a bit of WTF? Try Jo Rousseau’s Tourists in the Country of Love. The books begins with a lovely story of Mom coming home from the hospital. But we’re thrown when one of the heroines is off to wed an inmate. Do we end with a cheating lover? or a stalking protector? She’s got it all!

Jo Rousseau

If you like short stories and looking for more after Rousseau’s – move to the wonderful and wandering tales in How to Throw a Psychic a Surprise Party. Stories filled with empathy, healing, and a bit of magic realism. The Crier takes us to a world where we’ve given up negative emotions, The Healer’s Daughter is a touching look at a little girl’s view of love and illness. The title story tells the story of a mom and daughter facing one of life’s challenging problems.

Noreen Lace

To sweet and tender? Need something August angry to fend off the heat? Then you’re looking for award winning Dan Rhys’ The Lone Escapist. Superhero savior or revenge? You decide.

Dan Rhys

Finally – round this out with a touch of fall with Ron Terranova’s October Twilight will cure that summer heat. Young men who meet strangers who are not they claim to be, old men who are young at heart and mind, and a young man who finds out he’s a prince!

Ron Terranova

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